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IFOW creating conversations

This year, the IFOW will launch an annual dialogue programme to drive critical thinking and conversations about the Future of Work. Watch this space for more information!

IFOW tech hub

The state-of-the-art Technology Hub offers an ecosystem of partners through which unique innovations and activities related to 4IR in general, and in particular,  the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Internet of Everything (IoE) and related technologies can be developed, incubated and commercialised.  

Conceived to optimise infrastructure and operations at TUT’s six campuses to improve user experience based on IoT and open-source platforms, the Smart Campus Platform programme also offers partners the opportunity to work with the IFOW and benefit from its research and development component, particularly in AI and large data science.

IFOW high impact research

As an intellectual pivot for the intersection of ideas and scientific endeavours to optimise the University’s strategic commitment to producing future-ready graduates, educated, and trained to make a positive societal impact, the IFOW engages in high-impact research on various aspects of 4IR and the Future of Work.