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Programme 2: Technology Hub

The state-of-the-art Technology Hub offers an ecosystem of partners through which unique innovations and activities related to 4IR in general, and in particular,  the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Internet of Everything (IoE) and related technologies can be developed, incubated and commercialised.  

The Hub further creates a demonstration platform of IoT technologies, utilising applications within the domains of precision agriculture, mobility, automotive, manufacturing, digital health, smart campus and cloud collaboration. It encapsulates the full value chain from research, development, technology transfer, skills development, short learning programmes, incubation and commercialisation to address capacity building and economic upliftment in Africa. 

The Technology Hub houses the following:
  • Application Software Development Laboratories.
  • IoT Living Laboratory – brings different stakeholders together to drive innovation in a co-space.
  • Technology Station in Electronics – laboratories focusing on applied research and product development; IoT development and integration; skills development and training programmes; prototype and low volume manufacturing services such as 3D printing, laser cutting, mechanical and electronic manufacturing.
  • Gibela Research Chair – laboratories focusing on smart manufacturing solutions, additive manufacturing, VR applications and skills development programmes.
  • Incubation Space.
  • Tissue Engineering – one of only two truly multi-disciplinary tissue banks in the country focusing on the retrieval, processing and storage of bone and tendons, cornea and skin tissue.

These facilities provide the opportunity for private and public partners to pursue research and innovation relevant to their sectors.

A space to collaborate and innovate to solve the challenges
of today and tomorrow.

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