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Programme 4: 4IR Future of Work Research and Projects

As an intellectual pivot for the intersection of ideas and scientific endeavours to optimise the University’s strategic commitment to producing future-ready graduates, educated, and trained to make a positive societal impact, the IFOW engages in high-impact research on various aspects of 4IR and the Future of Work. Research is conducted to complement various research endeavours already located in TUT’s faculties.  

Scientific articles based on IFOW’s research will be published in scholarly journals and on the website to share discoveries and findings widely. Projects for implementation with different industry partners will be determined by the Institute and directed by the Technology Hub.  

To enhance its research capacity, the Institute will draw expertise from the private sector, institutions of higher learning with outstanding international stature, as well as local and international researchers with knowledge in the mapping of the future along emerging technologies are to be engaged.  PhD candidates whose research focus is related to this programme are to be drawn into the Institute to direct their research pursuits towards its niche area.

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