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Programme 1: 4IR Future of Work Annual Dialogue

Conferences and seminars on the future of work abound locally and internationally. However, the primary focus of many of these is from a business and human resource perspective – what the industry will require in terms of skills sets – and not from a collaborative education and training approach – what should higher education institutions in partnership with government, business and the community do to develop the required skills for 4IR and Future of Work.

The work integrated learning (WIL) component of programmes at universities of technology, in particular, already establishes a strong link to business and industry, making UoTs natural partners to develop the skills base required to harness the opportunities created by 4IR and future industrial revolutions. 

In 2020, TUT hosted a Dialogue on 4IR and the Future of Work, which brought together academics, government and captains of industry, many of whom represented multi-national organisations. The Dialogue produced invaluable insights on how universities of technology, can adjust to better prepare students to find, and create, opportunities in these dynamic times and make a positive economic impact.  This Dialogue was in many ways the birthplace of the IFOW.

The IFOW will launch an annual dialogue programme to drive critical thinking and conversations about the Future of Work. Watch this space for more information!

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